‘Pooka’ means a mischievous shapeshifting spirit that the film-world knows about through 1950s "Harvey" which is his name and is transformed into a 6’3” invisible rabbit. A comedy starring James Stewart.


I’m Kevin.

Visit my Facebook page if you what to find out about me. Pretty much Facebook is my journal.

The my work, which is graphic design. When you follow this link, you will come across work that I design for clients.

Or you can go to my DVDs and Blu-rays. Here I have every film I own and it is growing. I have always wanted to be in the cinema world but things came up and I wasn’t able to move into film production. But I have my share of films!

Last but not least you can email me to talk about whatever so I can get to know you and we can be good friends!

What is it about me that you want to know?

Is it some idle curiosity, delving into the deep recesses to my life to perhaps show it off to the world that I am a dirty-rotten scoundrel?

Is it something that can make you grow, enriching yourself on my life?

I am an open book for all to read. Feel free to come back to my Facebook page because I am always updating it and, if you see that it doesn't concern you for now, come back anyway because, who knows but I may be lurking around your corner, ready to pounce when you least expect it!

Home. I was born in Buzzards Bay, MA, on the Cape (my dad was in the Air Force), but only stayed there for roughly 6 months. My family moved around a lot (Air Force) and, for a time (1961+) I was part of Formosa, or what is called Taiwan and perhaps that is where I got my love for the Far East. However, almost every year, particularly Summer time, I spent at my parents hometown, Athens, TN. I fell in love with the "Slack farm" (I still want it to go to me, to keep it in the family), and especially my grandma Slack -- she was so kind and considerate to me above all (just hours before her death at the hospital, she was in a coma and, when I had arrived and went into her room, she came out of the coma, saw me, and died an hour or two after that -- she came out to see me, then she died -- that warms my heart).

In May of 1980 at Bob Jones University, I was married. In 2006 we were divorced, tho after I, tho a stroke victim, tried to stop the proceedings 2, maybe 3 times, but couldn’t. She now has gotten married, so repairing the relationship is out of the question. However she left me with 2 sons, one born in 1981 and another born in 1990. Both were married, but one has got divorced. He has 4 kids, 3 of which I have not seen. Pray for him because he is a part of Wicca. The younger one is still in the Faith. Both live in Oregon and Washington. I miss them both.

1. In love with cinema, screenplays, film, flickers, what goes on behind the scenes since I once majored in the university on that. I also love documentaries on cooking, history and the like. If you want to see what DVDs & BluRays I have, feel free to visit http://www.pooka.me/DVDs/

  1. 2.Then I go for antique collectibles, toys that I had, all farm related stuff and most especially Japan related.

3. Also love US Stamps, mint condition (some aren't) and old, real old, plus old Japanese stamps.

4. I also have a love for Japanese food, with sushi and miso soup at the lead.

So there you have it. That is, in a sense, my life as it is now. Who knows what is destined, forthcoming, in the future. It is anyones guess, as far as us humans are concerned but, where God is concerned, He knows it all! He gives us a few glimpses into the future and, unlike most Christians, I'm anxious to get there, even before the Second Coming. Are you anxious, or are you so doom & gloom that you can't see beyond the end of your nose, or the newspapers, and not the Word of God? Keep digging into the Word and you'll find out what I did so long ago. Christ IS on the throne, not will be. Praise be to Him!


I've lived in numerous places, most recently Tacoma, WA since 1986, but on November 11th, 2013, I've moved again, (since I was a student at Bob Jones University) to Greenville, SC, to be with my parents and sister.

I go to Holy Trinity Reformed Evangelical Church in Greenville. It is a Presbyterian church and a part of the CREC denomination.

As far as work is concerned, I engage in graphic design, high-end, such as logos, brochures, newsletters, business cards, and yea, even websites. You can go to my website if you want, www.pooka.me. I “created,” but really God did, using me as the drawer.

I am, as far as hobbies are concerned, I have three...